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Tony Rudd: The Meaning of Life
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1. What is the Urantia Book?  
2. Is the Urantia Book a New Age book?  
3. Who wrote the Urantia Book?  
4. Is Urantia a new religion?  
5. Is Urantia a cult?  
6. Where should I start reading?  
7. Who reads the Urantia Book?  
8. How many people read the Urantia Book?  
9. How many languages has the book been translated into?  
10. Do readers have rituals, dogmas or religious practices?  
11. What makes the Urantia Book different from other revelations?  
12. Is the Urantia Book an "inspired" work?  
13. Isn't the Bible enough? Why do we need the Urantia Book?  
14. How does the Urantia Book compare to the Bible?  
15. Is the Urantia Book a rewriting of the Bible?  
16. The Bible states there can be no other revelation, so how can the Urantia Book be valid?  
17. Is the Urantia Book similar to A Course in Miracles?  
18. Do I have to give up my church if I embrace the Urantia teachings?  
19. Does this book claim to contain all truth for all time?  
20. How do I know the book is true?  
21. How can I meet other readers?  
22. How do Urantia Book readers get together?  
calendar of events

2003 Urantia Book Calendar of Events

January february march april

Jan 24-26
IUA Finland

Feb 10-11
RCIM, Florida
Feb 12-16 Celestial Nights

March 22 Eventod Award

Mar 29 
Talinn, Estonia 

April 4-6 Austin, TX
April 5-6 Mexico City 

may june july august

June 9-15 Silver Springs 
June 19-22 USUA Nashville
June 28-July 8 RCIM Israel Pilgrimage

9 TeaM Preconference Retreat
10-13 TeaM, Niagara Falls
18-20 Fellowship/Stroudsberg
18-24 Silver Springs
25-31 Silver Springs 

1-7 Silver Springs
9 the Netherlands
7-10 Montreal, Quebec
9-10 Louisiana
8-14 Silver Springs
15-18 Silver Springs
17-24 Nova Scotia
22-24 Karepa, Estonia
28-31 Connecticut

september october november december

12-14 Heart of America

1-10 RCIM Israel Pilgrimage
18-19 RCIM Alabama
20-25 RCIM Sonship Convention, Alabama

15-16 Silver Springs Retreat Sonship Conference

Jan 24-26 FINLAND Finnish Urantia Book Readers 2003 Winter Conference. Information at www.urantia.fi
Feb 10-11 FLORIDA  RCIM Pastor's Conference.
Feb 12-16 FLORIDA  Celestial Nights, Cape San Blas.
March 22 CANADA  Eventod Award.
March 29 ESTONIA  Estonian Urantia Association Conference in Tallinn. Contact Peep Sober psober@hot.ee
April 4-6 TEXAS  Austin, Texas. "Absolute Origins to Infinite Destinies." 

April 5- 6

MEXICO CITY  Mexico Urantia Association: 2003 National Conference 
June 9-15 ONTARIO, CANADA Silver Springs Retreat. 2003 Continental Youth Tour Kick-off. Contact Michael MacIsaac
June 19-22 NASHVILLE  USUA National Conference, hosted by Southern Kindred Spirits Urantia Association at Scarritt-Bennett Center in Nashville. Information at www.urantiausa.com
June 28- July 8 ISRAEL RCIM Pilgrimage to Israel.
July 9 NIAGARA FALLS, NY Teaching Mission Pre-Conference Retreat. Leah Convery at aahleah@webtv.net
July 10-13 NIAGARA FALLS, NY 2003 Teaching Mission Conference. Click here for full details and online forms. Contact Leah Convery at aahleah@webtv.net for personal attention.
July 18-24 ONTARIO, CANADA Silver Springs Retreat. "Uplift the World: Live and Share the Religion of Jesus" with Share and Bill Beasley, Kathy and Mark George-Moore. 
July 25-31 ONTARIO, CANADA Silver Springs Retreat. "Young Adult Readers Retreat" with Share and Bill Beasley, Kathy and Mark George-Moore. Special all-inclusive rate of $75 per person also applies to parents. Contact Sue Tennant at 1-800-546-5601. Check the Silver Springs website
August 1-7   ONTARIO, CANADA Silver Springs Retreat. "Adjuster Attunement" with Bill and Kaye Cooper, Skip and Carol Weatherford. Call Sue Tennant at 1-800-546-5601.
August 9 THE NETHERLANDS Oudenbosch. "Urantiadag"
August 7-10 Lafontaine, Québec Urantia Association of Canada 2003 National Conference, to be held near Montreal, Quebec. See http://www.urantia-canada.org/news/index.shtml for details.
August 9-10 LOUISIANA NEW ORLEANS SONSHIP CONFERENCE. Mandiville, La. (a suburb of New Orleans). hosted by New Orleans & Baton Rouge Urantia Study Groups. For more details visit http://sonship.callac.com.  
August 8-14 ONTARIO, CANADA Silver Springs Retreat. "Retreat Leadership Seminar" with Bill and Kaye Cooper, Skip and Carol Weatherford. Call Sue Tennant at 1-800-546-5601.
August 17-24 NOVA SCOTIA Contact Paul Kemp via  http://www.machiventamelchizedek.org/
August 15-18  ONTARIO, CANADA Silver Springs Retreat. "Camp Nebadon" (Northern Light Association of Canada). Call Sue Tennant at 1-800-546-5601.
August 20-24  ONTARIO, CANADA Silver Springs Retreat. The Spiritual Fellowship (leadership retreat). Call Sue Tennant at 1-800-546-5601.
August 22-24  ESTONIA Estonian Urantia Association Summer Conference, held in Karepa, Estonia. Contact Peep Sober psober@hot.ee
August 28-31 CONNECTICUT URMIA SYMPOSIUM SERIES, co-sponsored by Theoquest.com and Urantia Book Readers Initiative. A three part series of events, in-depth exploration of three revelatory themes from the teachings of the Urantia Book. PART I: "Discovering a Philosophy of Living for the New Epoch."  Part II ("Discovering a Religion for the New Epoch") and Part III ("Living as Cosmic Conscious Citizens in the New Epoch ") will be held in 2004 and 2006 respectively.) For details on location and exact times, go to http://www.urmia-symposium.com or www.wisdomhouse.org
September 12-14 MISSOURI “Living with the Spirit of Truth.” Click here for more details 
Oct 1-10 ISRAEL RCIM Pilgrimage to Israel. For details, click here or email Rob Crickett.
Oct 18-19 FLORIDA RCIM Pastor's Conference. For details, click here or email Rob Crickett.
Oct 20-25  ALABAMA Rob Crickett International Ministries Sonship Convention. For details, click here or email Rob Crickett
Nov 15-16 ONTARIO, CANADA Silver Springs Retreat. Sonship Conference with Rob Crickett
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